Taking 2 Old Drawers The Way She Transforms And Uses Them – I Want For My Home Too

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If you have an old drawer lying in your house then simply attach them to the wall and paste your pictures inside it.

Wall hangings using smart home ideas:

My mother used to work in an interior designing company which 

is why this field was not new for  me. Growing up, my mother would take me to some of her gig places with her and I would watch her doing her work.

 I used to love her job because every day it was a new project that needed her attention. Being an interior designer my mother naturally paid attention to interior designing of our house as well. She loved changing things every now and then.

There was not even a single corner of our house that would not speak for my mother’s work.  What I loved about my mother’s work was her dedication.

She was not just a regular interior designer. She put a lot of creativity in her work. My mother was the queen of doing creative DIY smart home ideas for her projects. Yes, she would buy things off market for the most part but there would be a thing or two that she had made using something old.

She followed these creative home ideas for our house as well. Every time we had something old that needed replacement, she would use that old thing and through brainstorming her custom home ideas, there will be something new and unique made. This unique creativity of using craft for home ideas in her projects made her special among her coworkers.

 Following my mother’s footstep, I decided to go with interior designing as a career path. While I was studying, I made a rule that every week I will use some decor home ideas and make something for my house or a friend.

This was my way of implementing all the crafty home ideas that I had and to master them before my degree completes. This really helped me in the long run. Once I was done with my graduation, I used these design home ideas of turning something old into a new thing throughout my career.

Due to all the practice that I had done with creative home ideas, I got plenty of offers outside my job. I never said no to any of the side gigs that I was offered.

I worked on several awesome home ideas for each one of them. Using these cool home ideas and all the hard work that I put I have an amazing reputation at my workplace and even outside my job. I think one day I will be ready to start my own venture using all the amazing awesome home ideas I have.

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