He Paints A Piece of Wood And You Won’t Believe The Brilliant Thing He Does With It!

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This a plain door that hasn’t been used, meaning there are no handles or hinges to remove and disguise for my home decor project.

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Here’s our door that will used to make the door hall tree.

I hate spending money on items that I feel I could build myself

and this time I needed a new coat rack and some extra storage space. I ended up looking toward an old door that wasn’t being used (call it the door to nowhere) and somehow cheap home ideas come readily to me when I am looking for ways to save. Today I will share with you how to improve your home decorating ventures with little to no cost. For this DIY the hardware that I will use will be four coat hangers and a shelf bracket for the top part of the door and below I will build a storage box with three compartments that could fit three baskets comfortably.Trust me this is the best way to utilize a blank wall without doing any kind of construction. In addition, it’s pretty damn unique and I am no home decor designer specialist. I am here for the savings!

I should state that I am a bachelor and this project is geared towards keeping the pad looking good until I get married then I guess I might have to switch my home decor style up a bit (a lot!) Ok so enough of my mindless rambling. Let’s start our door project. Getting the storage box started is paramount, just as a heads up this part of the project is going to take the longest also you’re going to need some pieces of pine.

Storage box:

  • Measure the width of the door and construct a frame that should look like a bench. Attach this to the base of the door. (keep your door on a flat surface for easier installation).
  • Now we need to build the base of the box, again cut a 1/4 inch piece of wood and attach it to another 36″ piece then insert it between the frame and secure with your nail gun.
  • The compartments – Measure the width of the space inside of the box and cut three pieces of wood that would separate the spaces evenly and attach them securely.

It’s time to flip our door up and paint, this is a classic home decorating item so it’s going to be painted a soft teal blue to complement my brown accents that will now be installed since the paint is dry. I used 4 coat hangers and a couple of brackets for a shelf at the top, the shelf I stained a dark brown for more contrast. As you can see it looks really good and the door to nowhere is useful again! If you liked my video please share!

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